Update During The Holiday Season

Update During The Holiday Season

An update on why I’ve been gone during the holidays

Tis The Season

Thanksgiving is such a huge pain. My girlfriend’s family comes down for a full week, and me and her father work on home renovations. We do the big family dinner thing too, but for the entire week & a few days I’m doing nothing but house work.

We started remodeling our bathroom like two years ago. By remodeling I mean complete and utter destruction of our old bathroom and raising the new bathroom up from it’s ashes. We even removed the floor and walls. I’ll tell you about the time my girlfriend Stacy fell through the floor and landed in the kitchen another day. It’s been a long process, and it’s taken even longer for a lot of reasons. I work a full time job as a demolition supervisor. I work a full time job as a freelance web developer. I do all my own cooking, car repairs, and house repairs. If something breaks I fix it, because I’m too damned cheap to pay someone else to do it.

During the holidays we’ve been prepping the floor for tile, putting the finishing touches on the drywall, painting the bathroom, and laying tile. Once I’m done working for the day, I can’t just go run off to my room to code or write. I’ve been spending time with the family and showing that we appreciate them coming down to help remodel.

In addition, Stacy had some issues with her truck. It turned out to be an ignition coil so we bought one and I installed it. She was due for an oil change so I knocked that out as well.

Not Work

No matter how much I’d love to, I can’t work all the time. Everyone has to relax a little now and again. In my down time I’ve been tinkering with some new toys. I bought a Raspberry Pi 4 to put Kali Linux on. I got a kindle fire 7 I want to hack and install a new OS onto, because Amazon’s stupid OS is a horrible dumpster fire and I hate it. I got a kamado style grill, which is a fancy way of saying those egg shaped grills like the big green egg. I bought a whetstone to learn to sharpen my knives myself. Probably some other stuff too.

My Raspberry Pi 4 has been giving me no end of trouble. I flashed Kali Linux onto the dumb sd card in 4 different ways and I can’t get it to display anything on screen. I put the sd card into my Raspberry Pi 3 and it works fine, I put it into the 4 and nothing. I think I’ve figured out the issue, but haven’t had time to fix it yet. Seems like an issue with it not selecting the proper display port by default.

Haven’t even touched the Kindle fire 7 yet, but I only paid $30 for the stupid thing. However since the first time I mentioned it up above I’ve been itching to go tinker with it. Might mess with it after I finish up this update.

I’m absolutely in love with my kamado grill. I grilled some steaks on it over the holidays, and right now I am smoking a turkey and some pork shoulder. I do all my cooking for the week every Sunday so I never have to think about what I will eat on weekdays. This week it will be smoked turkey or pulled pork with red lentil pasta salad, artichokes, baked sweet potato fries, and overnight oats for breakfast.

I broke the whetstone out and went to sharpening my knives last night. I’m horrible. I usually use one of those little hand held sharpeners to keep the knives fairly sharp. Well I think I actually managed to make the knives more dull. I’m definitely going to keep at it, I enjoyed the process, and I know if I master the technique it will become quite therapeutic.

Puerto Rican Christmas

For Christmas Me, Stacy, and her family are going to Vieques, Puerto Rico. We love traveling, and try to get out of the country at least once a year. Me personally, I’m a cheap skate and every time we travel I’m living in a constant state of anxiety leading up to the trip because I don’t want to spend any money. Add to that Christmas, taking a week off of work unpaid because I’m out of vacation hours, and buying presents for everyone, and you can hopefully commiserate with my current state of mind. It’s going to be a blast I’m sure, but I’m not looking forward to being broke and putting everything on my card. But YOLO or whatever right?


So I guess that’s really about all there is to it. I am now finally getting back into my groove, so you can certainly expect more blog posts coming from me over the coming weeks, until we take our family trip to Puerto Rico. At that point I may miss a week or two, but afterwards it will be smooth sailing for quite some time. You should be able to expect weekly updates again. Hope you guys had an amazing Thanksgiving, and Christmas is a blast.

-Chance The Hacker

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