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Freelance Web Dev

I'm just a web developing fool. I got into coding as a teen playing warcraft 3. There was a really insane editor in the game that had it's own scripting language called JASS. I was really into making custom games at the time, so I eventually taught myself to use it. As they say, after you learn your first language, to learn a new one all you need to learn is syntax. Ever since then I've dabbled in coding here and there until A few years ago I learned that if I actually took this seriously, I could make my own career out of it. I never imagined I could get a job without a CS degree, so coding was always just a hobby, but in the past few years I've become quite serious about my coding and carrer change.

Demolition Site Supervisor

You know those construction workers in cartoons? as it turns out, art imitates life. Those loud, coarse people, they exist. I know because that's me. The rest of those guys, they work for me. We cuss too much, we're always yelling, and we make fun of each other when feelings get hurt. And somehow I'm supposed to tell these obnoxious type A personalities what they need to do. Well, they'd never admit it but, they have feelings too. If you treat them well the job goes great. But when you're wrong, every time you turn around they will drop their tools and grab their phone. That's a good way to get yourself chewed out by the big boss. I've spent over a decade studying what works and what doesn't, so let's talk about it.


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